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Spanish course

Spanish courses with audio

This is the best Spanish course in the world… and it’s 100% free! Learn Spanish with our lessons. Start from zero and learn new words and expressions. The audio will help you along the way:

  • Step by step learning
  • From beginner to intermediate
  • With audio
Spanish texts with audio

Spanish texts and dialogues with audio

Do you want to practice and improve your language skills? You are in the right place! These texts and dialogues are graded by level (beginner, intermediate and advanced). On top of that, native speakers have recorded them, so you can listen to real Spanish. It’s time to practice!

  • Texts and dialogues from beginner to advanced
  • With English translations
  • With audio
Spanish Phrasebook

Phrasebook: Spanish phrases

When learning a foreign language, memorizing some phrases is truly helpful. That’s why We have put together this collection of common phrases in Spanish. Learn them, and you’ll always know what to say.

  • Phrases for everyday situations
  • Arranged by topics (communication, tourists and basic vocabulary)
  • With English translation and audio
Spanish Grammar

Spanish Grammar

Do you want to understand how the Spanish language is built? Learning grammar is an essential part of the language learning process.

  • Grammar tables for beginners and experts
  • Explained and easy to use

All our resources to learn Spanish for free

Free Spanish course

Free Spanish course with audio

Spanish lessons for beginners: new vocabulary, dialogues and texts with audio, grammar tables and clear explanations. Learn Spanish with the most effective online course.

Spanish course
Texts to learn Spanish with audio

Spanish texts with audio and translation

Here you will find a collection of very useful Spanish texts with professional audio and translation. The texts are graded by level: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Spanish dialogues with audio

Spanish dialogues with audio and translation

Conversational dialogues on everyday topics. Listen to and read the dialogues with translation to English. The dialogues are professionally recorded by native speakers.

Spanish grammar

Spanish grammar

Learn to master the most challenging topics in Spanish grammar: Verb conjugation, tenses and more. Well-arranged tables, examples and clear explanations will help you to speak Spanish correctly!

Spanish dictionary

Visual Dictionary + Audio

Learn Spanish vocabulary and never get lost for words with our visual dictionary with audio. More than 1000 words sorted in 60 useful topics. Each word includes image, translation and audio

Spanish podcasts with audio

Podcasts to improve your Spanish

If you are an intermediate learner, you will love our podcasts. Read and listen to these short articles about the Spanish culture and learn new words and expressions.

Vocabulary videos in Spanish

Videos: Vocabulary + Phrases

Do you want to learn all the useful words and phrases for a particular topic? With our thematic videos it’s possible! All videos are voiced by a native speaker.

Music in Spanish with translation

Music in Spanish + lyrics + translation

Learn Spanish by listening to popular songs from Spain and Latin America. Each of the following videos has the lyrics of the song and its translation included.

Music in Spanish
Peppa Pig cartoons in Spanish

Cartoons in Spanish + translation text

Learn Spanish with the help of these cartoons. Each episode is accompanied by the full text of the cartoon and a list of new words that are translated into English.

Comics in Spanish with translation

Comics in Spanish + translation

Learn Spanish by reading these funny comics. They will help you learn many useful words and expressions. Each comic is accompanied by a translation into English.

Spanish conversation guide

Conversation guide for tourists

The most useful phrases for traveling to a Hispanic country. Learn how to introduce yourself, order food in a restaurant, book a hotel room and orient yourself in the city.

Conversation Guide
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How popular is the Spanish language?
A beautiful international language

Spanish ranks third as the most used language in the media, on the internet or in international trade. Spanish is one of the six official languages in the UN and is the official language in many other organizations such as the European Union or FIFA. Another reason to learn this language is because it is spoken around the world, as it is the official language in 20 countries. This makes the Hispanic world rich in culture, traditions, history, music, cuisine, and so much more. There are many reasons to learn this language, you just have to choose one.

Why learn Spanish?
A very good reason to learn this language

Because it is the second most spoken language in the world as a native language only after Mandarin Chinese. It is also one of the most popular languages to learn as a foreign language (today more than 20 million people study Spanish language all over the world). In addition, it is the third most spoken language in the world by total number of speakers (native and non-native).