Free Spanish course

Free Spanish course
Study Spanish from zero

Welcome to our free Spanish lessons. We have developed this course for everyone who wants to study Spanish online. All the lessons are recorded by native Spanish speakers.

Free Spanish course - Lesson 1

Lesson 1: ¡Hola! Hello!

  • greet your Spanish friends
  • introduce yourself in Spanish
  • say goodbye

Free Spanish course - Lesson 2

Lesson 2: ¿De dónde eres? Where are you from?

  • say where you come from
  • ask other people where they come from
  • give more information about yourself

Free Spanish course - Lesson 3

Lesson 3: Mi familia. My family.

  • speak about your family
  • introduce other people

Free Spanish course - Lesson 4

Lesson 4: ¿Dónde vives? Where do you live?

  • speak about where you live
  • give short information about your city
  • differentiate between ser / estar (to be)

Free Spanish course - Lesson 5

Lesson 5: Me gusta mi trabajo. I like my job.

  • speak about your profession and your workplace
  • speak about your likes and dislikes
  • express your wishes

Is it possible to master Spanish studying on your own? Of course it is. Our online lessons are designed to be fun and effective. Every lesson includes: a vocabulary list, dialogues, a text (beginning with lesson 3), grammar explanations, tables and a final test. Try to memorise the vocabulary and the grammar of each lesson before starting the next one. Listen to the audio of the lessons wherever and whenever you can. Come up with your own examples for every verb, and you’ll become a Spanish expert in no time.

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