Learn Spanish with cartoons

Cartoons in Spanish
Each video includes the full text in Spanish + Vocabulary list

Do you know why cartoons can help us learn Spanish? Because they have been created for children, and this is taken into account when writing the dialogues. For you, as a Spanish student, it is an advantage because simple vocabulary is used and the stories are easy to understand. If you still can’t understand a book or movie in Spanish, try one of the episodes below and start learning new vocabulary today.

How to transform a cartoon episode to a Spanish lesson: When you start watching one of these videos, first watch it without having read the text. Don’t concentrate on each word that is said, just try to understand the story. Even if you don’t know 50% of the words used, you will be able to follow the story. Then read the text (you will find it underneath the video), paying attention to the highlighted words. You can also look up the words that you don’t know in a dictionary, although you do not have to understand everything. Finally, watch the video once or twice more. In total it will take about 30-50 minutes of study and you will have had a complete Spanish lesson with several important elements: listening comprehension, reading practice and vocabulary learning.

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