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Reading comics is an excellent way of learning a language. We have transformed these comic strips into a Spanish lesson. As you can see, they are like short stories, they are read fast and easy to understand. On the other hand we have translated them to English, and to help you even a bit more, we have highlited some important words. Choose a comic and start reading.

Beginner Spanish level:

Garfield – by Jim Davis

Garfield comic strip
– It’s a beautiful day!
Nature is calling!
– Tell her that I’m in a meeting and they can’t bother me.
– ¡Es un hermoso día!
– ¡La naturaleza llama!
– Dile que estoy en reunión y no me pueden molestar.
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Level of Spanish medium-advanced:

Dilbert – by Scott Adams

Dilbert comic strip
– Do you have plans for this weekend?
– No, I´m an introvert.
– I probably experience hopelessness and loneliness as I envy people who have substance abuse problems.
– Yes, me too.
– This conversation is becoming very long.
– ¿Tienes planes para este fin de semana?
– No, soy un tipo introvertido.
– Probablemente experimente desesperación y soledad mientras envidio a la gente que tiene problemas de abuso de sustancias.
– Si, yo también.
– Esta conversación se está tornando muy larga.
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List of all comics

Here is a list of all the comics published. Simply click on any of them and you can read the comic in Spanish with it’s English translation, enjoy learning Spanish reading comics!

Garfield | Beginner Level

Dilbert | Level Intermediate-Advanced

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