Spanish Grammar

Spanish grammar
Rules, tables and examples

Learn to speak Spanish correctly. Our grammar tables help you to master even the most difficult aspects of Spanish grammar. Study the tables and build your sentences according to the rules of the Spanish language.

Spanish verbs

There’s a reason why Spanish verbs drive even the most diligent students crazy. The tenses in Spanish take some getting used to. Our Tables and Tips will help you to use verbs like a native speaker.

What is grammar? Grammar are rules that help us combine words to meaningful sentences. When talking about Spanish grammar, we usually mean such concepts as verb tenses, gender and number of nouns, rules for using articles, pronouns, adjectives, etc. When learning a language, it is not enough to know only individual words, you need to know exactly how to use them in a sentence, so you need to be able to conjugate verbs, know case forms of pronouns and other grammatical rules. Memorizing grammar becomes much easier when it is presented in tables and illustrated with examples.