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Learn Spanish with videos
Hundreds of words and phrases await you

Do you want to increase your Spanish vocabulary quickly? Click on any of the images below and start learning new words in Spanish. All the videos are recorded by native Spanish speakers. In addition, after each video you will find exercises that will test your knowledge.

Can we learn Spanish just by watching videos? We all like to watch videos. You sit down, relax and hit the play button. If we learn something, this would have happened without much effort. With this in mind, we have created a collection of videos with different themes, which will help you increase your vocabulary. They are short (many of them are less than 2 minutes) and provide enough help to avoid any kind of effort on your part. In the videos you will see the word in English with the translation into Spanish. In addition, each word is read in Spanish by a native person. With these videos you will be exposed to new Spanish vocabulary, which you will see, read and listen to. And all you have to do is click on play!

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