Dialogue with audio 6: El novio de Carmen


Title: El novio de Carmen

Level: Advanced



El novio de Carmen

Carmen’s boyfriend


  • cotilla: gossip, nosy
  • guaperas de gimnasio: pretty-boy, heartthrob, eye-candy
  • oler a: to smell like, seems like
  • fijarse: to notice, to pay attention to
  • hay que ver: oh wow, oh gosh, a way of expressing surprise
  • como eres: the way you are, you’re impossible, a negative expression reacting to someone’s behaviour
  • para nada: not at all, not even
  • ya le toca: it’s now her turn, it’s time that she…
  • no hay forma de: there is no way to
  • hacer tilín: to like, to fancy, to have a crush on
  • ser una tumba: to keep a secret, lips are sealed, to not spill a word
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