Dilbert – 01

Learn Spanish reading comics

Dilbert | by Scott Adams

Dilbert is a popular comic strip about life at the office. Read the one below, paying attention to the highlighted Spanish words. They’ll help you increase your vocabulary.

Dilbert comic strip
-Do you have plans for this weekend?.
No, I´m an introvert.
– I probably experience hopelessness and loneliness as I envy people who have substance abuse problems.
– Yes, me too.
– This conversation is becoming very long.
– ¿Tienes planes para este fin de semana?
– No, soy un tipo introvertido.
– Probablemente experimente desesperación y soledad mientras envidio a la gente que tiene problemas de abuso de sustancias.
– Si, yo también.
– Esta conversación se está tornando muy larga.
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