Dilbert – 16

Learn Spanish reading comics

Dilbert | by Scott Adams

Dilbert is a popular comic strip about life at the office. Read the one below, paying attention to the highlighted Spanish words. They’ll help you increase your vocabulary.

– Motivation is a magic thought in which you believe that your words are useful for people to reach their goals.
– But it works right?
– Yes, because magic is real.
– Is that hard to learn?
– No, if you already know how to lie.

– La motivación es un pensamiento mágico en el cual crees que tus palabras son útiles para que la gente alcance sus metas.
– Pero, funciona ¿Cierto?
– Si, porque la magia es real.
– ¿Eso es duro de aprender?
– No, si tu ya sabes como mentir.

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