Dilbert – 21

Learn Spanish reading comics

Dilbert | by Scott Adams

Dilbert is a popular comic strip about life at the office. Read the one below, paying attention to the highlighted Spanish words. They’ll help you increase your vocabulary.

– What you have written by email seems absurd and arrogant.
FATAL DECISION 2 – How do you know that it’s not the reader’s understanding.
FATAL DECISION 3 – We’ll use logic to see which one is right.
– Lo que has escrito por correo electrónico me parece absurdo y arrogante.
DECISIÓN FATAL 2 – ¿Cómo sabes que no es un problema de comprensión lectora?
DECISIÓN FATAL 3 – Usaremos la lógica para ver cuál de los dos está en lo cierto.
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