Dilbert – 07

Learn Spanish reading comics

Dilbert | by Scott Adams

Dilbert is a popular comic strip about life at the office. Read the one below, paying attention to the highlighted Spanish words. They’ll help you increase your vocabulary.

Dilbert comic strip
You have not achieved your goals this month. – I´m waiting for the others to do it for me
– I think it’s your job to make sure that these other people do their job.
– I think I can speak with them.. – I was expecting you to do it for me.
No has logrado tus metas este mes. – Estoy esperando a que otros lo hagan por mi.
– Yo creo que es su trabajo asegurarse que esas otras personas hagan su trabajo.
– Creo que puedo hablar con ellos. – Esperaba que lo hiciera por mi.
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