Video vocabulary “Family and relatives”

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Family and relatives

Contents: Video + Vocabulary List + Review exercise

Are you ready to increase your vocabulary quickly? You just need to follow these 3 simple steps: First watch the video, paying attention to the pronunciation of words in Spanish. Then, read the list of vocabulary. Finally, take the test and check your knowledge.

Vocabulary list for “Family and relatives”

Here is the vocabulary that apppeared in the video. Read them carefully to learn how to spell and read them correctly

  1. family: familia
  2. mother: madre
  3. father: padre
  4. son: hijo
  5. daughter: hija
  1. brother: hermano
  2. sister: hermana
  3. grandmother: abuela
  4. grandfather: abuelo
  5. aunt: tía
  1. uncle: tío
  2. cousin (male): primo
  3. cousin (female): prima
  4. nephew: sobrina
  5. neice: sobrina

Review Exercise (10 random questions)

Do you remember all the words from the video? Let’s review your knowledge with this test. We recommend that you do the test at least 3 times, since the questions will show up in random order they are always different:

juego de respuestas


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