Dialogue with audio 5: No aguanto a mi suegra


Title: No aguanto a mi suegra

Level: Advanced



No aguanto a mi suegra

I can’t stand my mother-in-law


  • no es para tanto: it’s not that bad
  • trabajar como burros: to work like donkeys, to work like a dog, to work really hard
  • restregar por la cara: to rub in the face, to show off
  • te va a dar algo: to go crazy, to blow a fuze
  • no poder con ella: to not be able to deal with something (or someone), can’t handle someone
  • cada dos por trese: all the time, very often
  • tener en un pedestal: to hold someone on a pedestal, to think very highly of someone
  • estar que te mueres: to die for, something very good
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